My name is Rogier and I am an Industrial and Interaction designer. Designing and implementing new and innovative products with an impact is what I love!

I studied Industrial Design in The Netherlands and Interaction Design in Italy, combining two unique ways of designing. In The Netherlands I fell in love with smart products that actually count: technological products for people, without the need to read large manuals and without creating more problems than the product is actually solving. In Italy I saw that products need to have their own emotions and products needs to tell a story in order for people to create a bond with it. Both countries made the designer that I am; loving to design with an impact.

Please check out my resume and my portfolio to get to know me.

Solar Cooker

A solar cooker for people in the rural area of Ethiopia in order to make Enjera. This Ethiopian pancake is traditionally made on a wood stove; to avoid a long search for wood, in a wood scarce country, this Enjera baker works on solar energy made with local products.

Cleaning Robot

A semi-autonomous robot that supports people collecting litter in the city center; increasing efficiency and improving their lives by creating more respectful jobs.



The Dineum is a restaurant infused with a museum, and vice versa. It is a system to create a personalised shots of art to make people curious about and familiar with Berrocal’s artwork.